Emissions Testing

Emissions Testing in Easton, Pennsylvania

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Here at Integrated Automotive Services in Easton, Pennsylvania, we perform emissions testing for all makes and models. A vehicle’s emissions contribute to various health and environmental issues, such as air toxics, urban smog, haze, and even global warming. Did you know vehicles are a major reason for air pollution? To help combat this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set emissions standards in the early 1990s to reduce the amount of air pollutants produced by vehicles. While a few alterations have been implemented over the years, this law is still intact, which is why testing is required regularly to ensure your vehicle is within the EPA standards. The specific testing your vehicle requires depends on many factors, including its model year, its type, and the county you reside in. If you would like further guidance or have any questions, please speak to a member of our team! We are specialists when it comes to your vehicle’s emissions system.