Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Easton, Pennsylvania

We Offer Front-End, Four-Wheel, And Thrust-Angle Alignment Service

Integrated Automotive Services is home to quality car care in all facets. One of the most common services we perform is wheel alignment. The goal of a wheel alignment service is to bring all four tires in harmony, all rolling straight and true. At our auto service center serving Easton, Pennsylvania, this is accomplished by adjusting three key components of the wheels: the camber (the outward/inward tilt of the tires when viewed straight-on), the caster (the front/rear tilt of the tires when viewed from the side), and the toe (the direction the tires are pointing when viewed from above). Should any one of these angles be off by a few degrees, you will begin to notice a change in your driving dynamics. When your wheels are misaligned, your performance and tires suffer, such as poor handling and stability, decreased fuel efficiency, and uneven and rapid tire wear. To ensure your wheels are properly aligned, bring your car to our dealership’s auto service facility.